The beauty of real wood

There is no better way to put a welcoming heart into your home than with the traditional beauty of real wood. Elegant, fashionable and versatile, the appeal of timber is natural and timeless. Unlike plastic and metal, wood is a natural product that needs a comparatively small amount of energy input to prepare it for use. By using wood from managed forests we are operating in a sustainable way which does not squander the earth’s precious resources or damage the atmosphere.

Our timber is engineered, that is, the knots and faulty pieces have been cut out and the good timber has been rejoined by gluing and laminating. This makes it extremely strong and durable and also eco friendly as the entire tree can be used effectively.


Helping you to be green

In recent years we’ve all become aware of damage to the environment caused by the harmful effects of 'greenhouse' gases. Building Regulations have become more strict concerning energy efficiency.

'Low emissivity' (low E) glass such as Pilkington K Glass™ is designed to reflect heat back into a building, greatly improving its thermal efficiency and also maximising the use of the available heat from the sun, thereby helping to meet these new regulations.

Less heat is needed to keep your home warm so less energy needs to be produced - thus lowering the overall levels of greenhouse gases. By using this glass in our products we not only help you to be greener but save you money by cutting your energy costs!

How it works

Pilkington K Glass™ usually forms the inner pane of a double glazing unit, and has a special 'low emissivity' (low E) coating which is a good reflector of long wave radiation (heat). This allows less heat to escape through your windows, because it reflects heat from fires and radiators back into your home. At the same time Pilkington K Glass™ lets the sun's heat through your window contributing to its energy efficiency. This free heat from the sun is known as passive solar gain and Pilkington K Glass offers the UK's leading performance in this aspect. So whilst offering positive benefits for the environment, this also has great benefits for you. Thanks to its effectiveness, Pilkington K Glass™ is the leading low E glass in the UK and Ireland.

Save on your heating bills

Pilkington K Glass™ not only saves energy and vital natural resources, but also saves you money over the long term. Its unique properties and superior insulation keep your home warmer, which means you can run your heating system for a shorter period and still remain just as comfortable - thus saving on your heating bills.

Eliminates cold spots and condensation

Whereas ordinary glass offers poor insulation, with uncomfortable cold spots close to windows, insulating glass units incorporating Pilkington K Glass™ offers a total solution. By making the inner pane of your window much warmer, cold spots are eliminated - giving you more usable floor space. The glass can also be toughened to provide impact safety, laminated for additional security and impact safety or combined in an insulating glass unit with other products such as Pilkington Active self-cleaning glass.

A neutral appearance

Pilkington K Glass™ has high light transmission and appears virtually the same as clear float glass. In certain circumstances, all low emissivity coatings may produce transient visual effects. In oblique lighting the coating may look like a transparent film or produce a haze, i.e. a cloudy look to the surface. When light coloured objects such as net curtains are placed close to the glazing they will look slightly darker. To maintain consistency of appearance we recommend that replacement windows containing Pilkington K Glass™ are not placed next to windows containing clear glass. Your window installer can advise you. Pilkington K Glass™ should not be used as single glazing.

Perfect for conservatories Pilkington K Glass™ is the ideal choice for a conservatory too as thousands of satisfied customers can testify. Better insulation and no cold spots mean it will typically keep an unheated conservatory comfortable for a greater part of the year than ordinary double glazing - so you can make the most of your conservatory all year round.

The new Window Energy Rating system measures the energy efficiency of the complete window and frame to produce a single number, and is based on a similar European Union system for domestic appliances, allowing easy comparison between competing products. Pilkington K Glass™ helps windows achieve higher ratings. The regulations in England and Wales now allow a window energy rating to demonstrate compliance with Part L. Pilkington K Glass™ can help to achieve up to an A rating in suitable framing systems.

Improves energy efficiency

The ideal choice to reduce energy consumption Proven to meet the latest Building Regulations when combined in an insulating glass unit with a suitable window frame Makes double glazing as effective as triple glazing Allows you to stay comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, so you save on your heating bill Reduces unsightly internal condensation Allows you to extend the glazed a rear of a building without increasing heat loss Helps windows achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings possible energy saving trust When investing in replacement windows, low emissivity glass, such as Pilkington K Glass™ is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as significantly reducing heat loss. It can help windows achieve the Window Energy Rating level C that they need to obtain Energy Saving Recommended status.

Energy Efficiency is an Energy Saving Trust Initiative backed by Government.

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